New Boston woman's dog fatally shot after getting out of backyard

Megan Mozdy is heartbroken after her dog was shot by a stranger

"I’ve seen him play with a baby bunny, one of the nicest dogs I’ve ever met," she said.

She is talking about Snoop — and the pup's daughter Sweet — they’re Mozdy’s dogs. Yesterday, they escaped their fence in New Boston

"They were literally using their heads to push through this spot," she said.

FOX 2: "And had they gotten through it before?"

"Multiple times," she said.

Snoop was found on Willow Road - it’s less than a mile from Mozdy's house. When the neighbors spotted him - they had thought he was hit by a car.

Once Mozdy took him to the vet, she found out he wasn't hit by a car, he had been shot.

Snoop was still alive, but barely. He had to be euthanized.

Mozdy gave the bullet to Huron Township police — who say it appeared to come from a handgun.

"No one wants to hear that their animal was shot, especially over senselessness,: she said.

Mozdy is holding Sweet tighter today - and she wants answers.

"I’m feeling heartbroken and angry," she said. "Because here I am picking the pieces - one, I'm explaining to my autistic child his dog he’s had since he was a baby, is never coming home again."

Mozdy says the fence is fixed now and that it was actually being repaired when her dogs got loose.

She knows Snoop wouldn't hurt anyone. But another factor — Snoop was a jaw cancer survivor,  he had a portion of it removed - and literally could not bite anyone.

"Someone out here is cleary just shooting guns," she said. "No one said anything, they literally left him to die."

Huron Township police are investigating. If you have any information, let them know at (734) 753-4400.