Royal Oak library promotes seed diversity by providing free veggie, flower seeds to community

The Royal Oak Public Library's new seed library allows the community to "borrow" fruit and vegetable seeds.

Once your plants grow, the seeds can be returned by harvesting seeds from the plants and bringing them to the library. This will allow more people to benefit from the seeds.

The seed library is designed to increase food independence by expanding access to fresh vegetables.

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It also promotes seed diversity and saves seeds that have adapted to growing in southeast Michigan. This is important because as the climate changes, many seed varieties have not adapted, so preserving the ones that have by producing more is key to the survival of plants. Essentially, as the seeds grow and their seeds are used to grow more plants, the seeds will continue to better adapt to the area.

Ferndale started a seed library a couple of years ago, and other libraries across the country have also added them to help promote sustainability. 

The library is also accepting donated seeds that weren't produced by borrowed seeds to help grow the collection of available seeds.

There are a variety of veggie seeds available to check out, including tomatoes, greens, beans, and carrots, as well as an assortment of seeds that will produce colorful flowers for your garden.

Each pack includes seeds that will grow at least five plants, and you can borrow up to 10 packs of seeds from the library.

A Royal Oak library card is required to use the seed library. Click here to pick the seeds you want. Once you have done so, call 248-246-3700 and select option 2 to schedule a contactless pickup.