New state regulations surrounding fireworks

For some, spending a big buck on Fourth of July fireworks is a normal tradition. 

"This is my favorite one, it's the Swinado and it's beautiful," said Exotic Fireworks' Owner, Hasan Younis. 

This time of the year, Exotic Fireworks is always busy because the shop in Dearborn Heights is focusing on preparing families to celebrate the fourth. 

"The busiest day as it is every year is the 4th of July," Younis said. 

Younis opened the shop this summer, after getting a lot of business from his tent stands over the last few years. 

If you are an amateur when it comes to fireworks, Younis has video clips of what each one can do. So, you can check them out, before you buy. 

Starting Saturday night, until July fifth, state law allows you to light legal fireworks until 11:45 p.m. each night. 

There are currently 12 days a year allotted by the state to light off fireworks, and it's limited to days around federal holidays. Most local ordinances follow those rules. 

And while speaking of rules, here are some pro tips before you light up:

"Make sure the wick is nice and dry and another thing is to make sure you don't trip over the cakes because the powder sits at the bottom," Younis said. "Also don't light them up under a patch of woods or trees because you don't want to start a fire, so make sure you light in the field."

For fountain fireworks, keep a minimum of 35 feet away and anything shooting in the air 150 feet, or more.

Finally, choose a reputable dealer because there are illegal fireworks out there. 

"You got to be careful on buying dynamite sticks and M80's, those are going around," Younis said. "I had a few guys come in here to try and sell me some illegal fireworks and I noticed right away."