New testimony in case of man accused of killing wife by spiking cereal with heroin

New testimony in the case of a Davison man accused of killing his wife by poisoning her with heroin in her cereal as a judge listens to evidence to decide whether the case should go to trial.

Jason Harris, 44, pleaded not guilty to the first-degree murder of his wife Christina. But authorities say he spiked his wife's cereal with heroin back in 2014.  Although the death was originally ruled an overdose, witnesses testified that this was murder.

It was day two of Harris' preliminary exam in a Genesee county district court. A neighbor testified that in September 204, Jason called her to check on his wife. 

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The witness was asked prior to that call whether she had been inside the Harris home, and she answered no.

Prosecutors implied that Jason tried to kill his wife a week earlier. Then a week later Jason called the same neighbor and asked her to check on her again. 

The neighbor testified that she was sleeping. She tapped on her ankle, pulled the blanket off, and she was very cold. But the defense attorney question the neighbor's memory.

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Apparently, old frozen breast milk was found later and there was no heroin detected. 

The prosecutor also questioned the $120,000 Jason Harris received in life insurance.

The preliminary exam continues on Friday morning. If Harris is bond over for trial and convicted, he will spend life in prison without parole.