New video of Macomb County police chase, arrest of stabbing suspect

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Producer Note: Some of the video may be disturbing

A stabbing at the YMCA in Mount Clemens led to a high speed chase and a suspect taken down at gunpoint.

It all happened on March 22nd. Now just a few weeks later, we are seeing from multiple angles just how law enforcement handles a case like this while it is unfolding in real time.

This is how it came to an end. around rush hour on a Friday at 23 Mile near I-94 eight miles from where it started.

Officer: "Vehicle involved is running."

Officer: "Traffic is moderate to heavy. Speeds up to 100 miles per hour."

Macomb County dispatch got a report of a stabbing, while some deputies join in the pursuit of the suspect and others head to the scene.

Officer "Where did you get stabbed? Hey where did you get stabbed?"

Victim: "In my leg."

In this case officers aren't getting much help as they try to figure out exactly who they are chasing.

"Just you two in the car and you have no idea who he is? Well I'm going to tell my partners to stop because they are putting their lives in danger and everybody else's lives in danger for chasing this guy," said one officer on video.

And despite limited knowledge of who they dealing with, officers stop the suspect Kenneth Beard

Officer: "Show me your f'n hands now! Give me a f'n reason."

Law enforcement from multiple agencies pounce on Beard, trying to put him in cuffs.

Officer: "Tase him. Tase him."

Officer: "You're going to get it again."

Beard: "Stop resisting. I'm one of you."

Beard allegedly tried to convince law enforcement that he’s with the FBI.

Officer: "There is a knife right there guys."

Beard: "You're going to figure out who I am sooner or later."

Despite those claims, he remains in jail on a $250,000 bond for assault and fleeing and eluding police.

The victim would eventually tell police, he didn't know Beard, he was simply giving him a ride from Detroit as a favor. He says they got into a fight and he was stabbed. That victim is expected to recover. Beard will be heading to court.