New video released of suspect shooting Family Dollar clerk during robbery

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New store video has been released by Detroit police of a shooting of a Family Dollar employee.

The employee was shot in the neck during a robbery when she did not open the cash drawer fast enough at the East Warren store on Jan. 23 of this year.

The store video shows the suspects go behind the cashier counter with one of them in a light gray sweatshirt hold a gun to the face of the female employee. The video stops just before he opens fire on her. Both men wore masks with the second suspect wearing black.

The employee survived the shooting, there were no other injuries.

"If they are that brazen to do that to a clerk who is just trying to make a living," said Capt. Mark Thornton at the time. "What else can they do?

"One seemed to secure what we now know is a greeter at the front door. And the other approached the register."

The incident lasted roughly one minute. Police say for all the efforts all the criminals got were a couple cell phones - and never even got the cash they came in for.

Detectives are asking for help in this one, saying all tips can remain anonymous through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.