Nitrous oxide caused SUV crash with truck injures 3

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Crash photo submitted by Diana Hernandez Vega.

A violent car crash in southwest Detroit Friday night injured three young men.

A sport utility vehicle drifted into the path of a semi-truck and inside police found two tanks of nitrous oxide.  Investigators believe they were inhaling the dangerous gas and swerved directly in front of a truck.

The crash happened on Michigan Avenue at 51st Street.

All three were rushed to the hospital with serious, but non-life threatening injuries. The driver of that truck thankfully avoided injury.

"I was just driving westbound, and they were driving eastbound," he said. "Obviously they were under the influence of something; they swerved and hit me head-on. I tried to turn in the middle lane to keep from hitting them and they hit me head on."

Police say this isn't isolated, driving on nitrous is something they've seen and more of lately.