No charges for Roseville police officer who shot, killed man armed with knife after crash

A Roseville police officer who shot and killed a man who confronted him armed with a knife after a traffic crash, has been cleared of any possible charges.

Officer Chad Lee shot and killed a knife-wielding Frank Robles, after he crashed into a semi-trick on Groesbeck Highway nearly head-on, April 26. Robles was asked by officers if he was okay, and he replied no. He was seen holding a knife and appeared to have slit wrists when he failed to respond to multiple commands from officers to drop it.

Bodycamera video of the incident was released by the Macomb County Sheriff's Office for transparency afterward.

"Sheriff’s investigators did not develop any evidence to substantiate any criminal charges against Roseville Police Officer Chad Lee, who discharged his firearm at an armed subject, Frank Robles," said a statement from the Macomb County Sheriff's Office. "... Investigators met with the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Major Crimes’ Unit and reviewed the investigation in its entirety.

"After this review, a consistent opinion was reached that no criminal charges are warranted for Officer Chad Lee. The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office investigation is closed at this time."

After the crash officers continued to tell Robles, 57,  to drop the knife and when he failed to do so, Lee shot at him and knocked him to the ground. Robles tried to get up with the knife in his hand and Lee fired several more shots.


In total, nine shots were fired by Lee, a five-year veteran of the force, and Robles was hit multiple times. A 4-inch-long knife that looked like a fish fillet knife was found afterward.