No gym? Try this woman’s toilet paper workout routine

Trying to stay fit while under a stay-at-home order? Consider adopting this London woman’s toilet paper workout routine.

Taslima Khan shared a YouTube video of herself tackling a new workout regimen centered primarily around toilet paper. 

Khan demonstrates how to do squats, kicks, crunches and some other fundamental exercises while using a 24-pack of toilet paper rolls

At one point in the video, the celebrity stylist unwraps the package and starts doing more arm-centric exercises with individual rolls. 

It’s uncertain how much fat or how many calories Khan’s fitness regime burns, but considering its incorporation of toilet paper, it’s safe to say it’s a relatively “clean” workout.

In case you’re out of TP, there are other fun ways you can stay fit amid the pandemic. Many athletic organizations and gyms are offering virtual classes and video workout routines.

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Many stay-at-home orders that have already been enacted allow residents to be active in their neighborhood or a nearby park, so long as they abide by social distancing guidelines. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.