Non-partisan panty giveaway wants to encourage women to vote

"This is such an important time for voters we got to get the vote out," said Alison Vaughn.

Vaughn plans to do that with thousands of these during a voter panty give away,

"So many women are not registered to vote and we want to make sure these women get out and vote," she said. "Not only register but go to polls want to get the word out your vote us your voice."

Vaughn founded jackets for jobs. For the last 20 years, the Detroit organization has been empowering women by providing clothes and resources they need to land a job and excel in the workforce.

Vaughn says it was a no-brainer when Women Voters USA and Smart and Sexy Lingerie asked her organization to partner in the non-partisan panty giveaway. 

"On the back, they say my vote is my voice, and Smart and Sexy created these panties. And the purpose of these is to draw excitement to get out and vote," Vaughn said. 

On Wednesday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. women can head to Detroit's Fellowship Chapel on the city's northwest side to pick up the panties. The NAACP will also be on hand to help voters register. In addition, $25 gift cards will be given to the first 500 Detroiters who fill out the 2020 census on-site. You don't even have to get out of your car.

"You just drive up we say, ladies your vote counts we'll give you panties wrapped up," she said.

And they are hoping the underwear will make an impact, just like they hope women will at the polls on November 3rd.

"If you look at the statistics one in three women are not registered," Vaughn said. "We are talking 38 million women who need to get out and vote this is not a time for us to sit on the sidelines - it's time to get in the game."