Northville High students start online tutoring for children in need

When high school junior Mehmet Tascioglu tutors younger students he is grateful to share his knowledge. 

"Anytime I see students struggle it makes me upset and I feel like I have to take action to help them," he said. 

The Northville high schooler wanted to do just that after noticing some kids struggled to learn during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

So Tascioglu and a couple of friends started "Connect Me." The free tutoring organization pairs high achieving high schoolers with K through 8 students who need some extra study sessions outside the classroom. 

"Those students might need some more academic support especially since everything is virtual and they might not have the same experiences or resources they had in person," he said.

There are some criteria. Participants should be learning virtually come from a low-income home, or have a parent whos a first responder. So far the tutors are helping 15 students across Metro Detroit. 

"Every time I see a student in their head they have that 'click' moment in their head when they grasp the concept," he said. "That's when I feel great because we are making progress." 

While the pandemic has come with countless challenges- these high schoolers are grateful to give back with Connect Me. They plan to keep doing just that long after life goes back to normal. 

"Eventually we have ambitions to be nationwide and reach out to many students," he said. "Because everywhere in the world there's always a student who can use our tutoring." 

Right now Connect Me is looking for more tutors and said that retired teachers are welcome to donate their time. For more information go HERE.

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