Novi Middle School student creates fake Twitter account during school hours

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Students enrolled in a computer class at Novi Middle School decided to take a break from class work last week. They took the opportunity during that class to create a fake Twitter account.

School officials say the students did so by using a computer that belongs to the school district.

One of the students decided to post an inappropriate message using the account when they left school.

"The postings were in some ways trying to make this other person feel bad about themselves. Bad about their experience at school," said Dr. Steve Matthews, superintendent of Novi Community School District.

School officials believe education is the key to preventing an incident like this from happening again.

"We could chase our tails all day trying to block what students can and do have access to. It's more important to be a school system that helps students learn how to use it appropriately." said Dr. Matthews.

Due to privacy issues, officials say they can only provide limited details about the punishment.

"There was a suspension of the student who was the instigator."

Officials say the student who helped to create the account was not suspended.

"The creation of the account should not have been done in class but in the big picture it's a minor issue."

School officials did not send a notification about the incident to parents.

"We don't believe that it needs to be a message that goes out to all the families because it impacted a small group of people."

"I know middle school students make mistakes and our responsibility is to help students learn from mistakes."