Oakland County Clerk sounds alarm over scams being mailed to homeowners

They threaten property seizure and financial penalties. The documents use agitating language and threatening tones. But according to the Oakland County Clerk, the most eye-opening part of the latest scam being mailed out to homeowners is just how realistic they appear.

"Fraudsters, why?" asked Lisa Brown.

Notices of tax liens with emblems and the names of Oakland County departments were part of the mail that's made its way to residents in the county. So were letters with phone numbers about whom to call to clear up debt. 

And at the top of some of the letters reads "County Deed Records."

While Brown says the letters should be treated like any other junk mail, their realism could spell trouble for anyone not being careful.

"Stop preying on people," she said. "It's disturbing the misleading way they present the letters that they're sending to people, making it look like it's coming from my office or a different government office, and really intimidating people with the language that they use."

According to Brown's office, numerous people have contacted her about the post cards and letters.

When she herself called one of the numbers on the fraudulent mail, it was clear the 855 number that answered was not a government entity after they picked up "tax offices."

"I cannot stress enough to ignore these bogus threats and, when I doubt, call my office, not them." she said.

For anyone looking to talk to the clerk, they can use either their number or email at 248-858-0561 or email deeds@oakgov.com.

The office also has a Property Records Notification service, with keeps residents updated about mailings from the county. People can sign up for the free service at ocmideeds.com.