Officer injured as woman flees traffic stop in Novi

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A traffic stop quickly turned dangerous this morning for a Novi police officer as he was dragged when the suspect took off.

Police are looking for the 26-year-old Detroit woman who fled with two children in her silver Hyundai sedan.

Early Monday morning, Novi police say the officer pulled over a woman for running the red light near Haggerty and High Point Boulevard.  The officer learned she had five warrants including a felony warrant and a suspended license.

The officer was dragged about 60 feet before he let go.

After being yanked and nearly run over, the police officer suffered minor injuries and is at home resting Monday after trying to arrest the woman.

"When you stop for the police, you should just cooperate with them, go along with the investigation," said Eric Zinser, assistant Novi police chief. "Keep in mind that officers have families too."

The officer noted two young children in the backseat.

"She's crying in the side of the roadway," Zinser said. "The kids are crying in the car, he gave her the benefit of the doubt, he gets the cell phone out of the car so that she can call and make arrangements for her kids."

But getting into her car, police say that is when she decided to drive off. The officer desperately tried to stop her.

"When the officer grabbed her left arm, the officer ran alongside her vehicle, and was dragged for about 60 feet, before he ended up falling in the roadway," Zinser said.

The officer was left in the middle of the road.

"Since we had the preliminary identity of the driver and the fact the two young children in the vehicle, we decided not to pursue the vehicle," Zinser said. "This could have turned out worse, we are fortunate it did not turn out any worse."

If you have any information on the case, contact Novi police at (248) 348-7100.