Ohio state trooper drives Detroiter back home for sister's funeral

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Mark Ross, left, Ohio state trooper Sgt. David Robison.

A man races back to Detroit from Indiana after learning his teenage sister was killed in a car crash.

On the trip back, his friend gets arrested for driving on a suspended license. But then a bad situation took an unexpected turn.

Mark Ross admits he's a guy that did not like police-but now he sees them in a new light because of one man's action when he was at his lowest point.

"Coming from Detroit it really humbled me," he said. "It's hard, I lost my little sister."

That's how Mark Ross sums up his feelings when he looks back on his surprising encounter with a cop and journey back home after his baby sister's untimely death.

"My brother had called me and just told me to sit down, 'Eliza's dead,'" he said.

Fifteen-year-old Eliza Fletcher had died in a car accident. Mark got word while in Indiana. He and a friend hit the road and sped towards Detroit so Mark could be with his family.

They both had misdemeanor warrants. and as luck would have it, they were pulled over in Ohio by state highway patrol officer.

Mark's friend was driving on a suspended license.

"By him driving in Ohio, they took him to jail," Ross said.

FOX 2: "So at that point you're stranded?"


Enter Sgt. David Robison, one of the officers that pulled over the vehicle Mark was in. He offered to drive him part of the way to Detroit,  where a cousin picked him up, so he could get home to his grieving family and mourn his baby sister.

"At the end of the ride when he dropped me off at the location, he reached over grabbed me by my shoulder and (asked) 'Mark can I pray for you.' I said go ahead. And it was one of the most heartfelt prayers.

"I was lost, really. My mind was somewhere else at the time. I really thank God for him because Lord knows when I got back to the city. Like  he changed my whole persona at that moment."

The two took a selfie when Sgt. Robison dropped him off. It has since gone viral. And while Robison's actions going above and beyond the call of duty is praiseworthy, Mark wants to remind people to not lose sight of the fact that he and his family have to bury their 15-year-old sister Eliza Fletcher.

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