Ohio votes to legalize pot for retail sale

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On Tuesday voters in Ohio will decide whether to legalize pot for retail sale.

If it happens singer, Nick Lachey and NBA great Oscar Robertson are just two of the investors who stand to make billions. It has been a strange road to the polls, to say the least.

There is a mascot "Buddy" that's controversial because of the similarity that big tobacco used Joe Camel as a marketing ploy.

Then there is the celebrity angle with Lachey poised to make a pot of gold as a weed farmer.  He would own one of 10 of such farms.

If Ohio votes to legalize pot, that could be seen as a tipping point historically. Because as Ohio goes, so goes the nation. So you would figure the federal law would change.  If Michigan were to follow the same ballot initiative and vote, you could expect to see a lot of commercials campaigning for your vote.

The pro-pot case is made across multiple socio-economic angles and circumstances. Even pot paying for police services is covered - unironically, of course.

This could all go up in smoke if Ohioans support a competing issue instead, that would ban Nick Lachey and other pre-chosen farmers as being a monopoly worth billions. If it passes, Delta won't be selling as many seats from Detroit to Denver.