On video: Man robs victim in Detroit, shooting him five times

Detroit police are still looking for a man wanted in a shooting last week at a gas station who was caught on surveillance video, but the badly injured victim is now out of the hospital.

FOX 2 spoke with victim Donovan Gray, who said it won't be until late summer that he fully recovers. He was shot five times when he made a stop at the Clark gas station at the corner of Dexter and Davison in Detroit.

It was around 2 p.m. on March 10 when Gray walked back to his car and the suspect came in his direction.

"I see the guy emerge from between the garbage can, but it was kind of like a good, hot day ... so there wasn't no reason for (wearing) a hoodie," Gray said. "And he looked at me, and I never saw someone look at me like they knew me before.

"When I got in the car, I'm looking, and I seem him -- he's still coming towards me as I'm in the car, and as I look for the keys to put in the ignition, I can see him reaching in his pants. As reaching in his pockets, all I hear is (sound), and a gun go off. I jumped straight out of the car swinging. Because at that time, I didn't feel like he was coming to rob me, I felt he was coming to kill me."

Gray was shot five times -- four bullets landed in his right leg and one in his left buttocks. There are still bullet fragments in the victim's leg, where he has staples and stiches.

"When I go back to Henry Ford (Hospital) and they take out the stiches and the staples, so from now until April, I'm just sitting here," Gray said. "After that, I'm learning to walk."

The shooting was caught on camera and police have a clear picture of the suspect, who only got away with the chain Gray was wearing.

Gray said he didn't recognize the man.

"Never seen him," he said. "Don't know nobody who knows him. ... Never did a tattoo on him. Nothing.”

With no health insurance and unable to work, Gray is stuck in limbo. He said he is so angry to the point he can only laugh it off.

"I feel like if I don't laugh, I'll probably get emotional," he said.

FOX 2's Josh Landon spoke with the Clark Station owner, who said he can only recall the suspect coming into the station one time before the shooting.

Those with information are encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at (313) 922-5000.