One killed, Oakland County Sheriff investigates major accident near Oxford

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The Oakland County Sheriff's Office is still investigating a very serious accident on M24 in Oxford where one person was killed and two others were critically injured.

The accident happened at M24 and Drahner around 11:00 Tuesday morning.

Deputies with the Oakland County Sheriff's Office tell FOX 2 one person was killed in the accident and at least two others were rushed to a local hospital. Witnesses said the mangled mess is one of the worst crashes they've ever seen.

Jason Jory was getting gas at a station on the corner when he heard the horrific sound.

"I heard the impact and I looked back and said what was that?" Jory said. "I heard the impact. I looked back I saw The tan car about 8 feet in the air the back end of it."

The gruesome scene held up traffic for several hours Tuesday morning as emergency responders worked to rescue the victims. The three vehicles involved collided head-on at the intersection of Lapeer and Drahner.

One person died at the scene while two others were critically injured and were rushed to the hospital.

Kristy Gerke lives in Oxford and wound up sitting in traffic after the accident.

"The one vehicle that was, I mean, there was nothing left of it practically," Gerke said. "It was really scary and I knew it had to be something big. When they were routing everyone through the parking lot."

People living in the area say this is the most gruesome accident they've seen in Oxford. But not the first they've noticed at the busy intersection.

"I've been driving on this road for many years. And I see a lot of accidents," Henry Hopkins, who lives in Metamora, said. "It can be scary. And weather conditions like this, it doesn't help."

Police are still working to determine what caused the crash.