Ongoing search for Zion Foster's body in landfill grows costly

Authorities and the family of Zion Foster -- are not giving up in the search for the Eastpointe teen's body searching a landfill in Lenox Township since May.

"It’s been little to no sleep for our family, there are nightmares, there are moments and bouts of stress," said Ciera Milton, Zion's mother.

The search for the body amid piles of trash has been grueling and expensive, but there have been shows of support.

"We have gotten $11,000 in donations from the public already," said Patti Kukula, Detroit Public Safety Foundation. "The Detroit Athletic Club foundation donated $16,000 and we put in $5,000 or $6,000 from our own fund, so it’s hard cash."

Searching got underway on May 31st and was expected to take six to eight weeks, but now financial support is running low to keep this mission going.

"A very intense operation and they’ve committed every day to find Zion and we want to support them," said Kukula

The Detroit Public Safety Foundation works closely with DPD to support its department and the community it serves.

So the foundation has established a fundraiser in hopes that members of the community and business leaders will come together to support police and its mission to find Zion’s body.

"We’re going to need about $15,000 to pay for various things like the ice machine to continue, and the port-a-potties to continue," Kukula said. "It’s been so hot the tents have been ruined, so we like to replace the tents to protect the skin of the first responders."

"Since I can’t really put into words I am just simply asking for the time span that is needed to find something," said Milton.

Zion was last seen in January with her cousin Jaylin Brazier and Detroit Police conducted an intense search.

But in March Brazier admitted to putting Zion’s body in a dumpster after she allegedly "suddenly died" he said, when they were together.

That trash is placed in Macomb County where the county executive supports efforts to continue searching for Zion.

"On this particular case if they need resources help with the search if they need support to try to raise funds with this foundation, they will get that from Macomb County," said Executive Mark Hackel.

Zion’s mom is grateful for everyone’s support, and she’s hopeful that this effort will provide the answers they need.

"Help us to be able to do this, to get what’s needed," she said. "To get proof of what he did, where she is, and what happened to my baby."

GO HERE if you would like to donate to the search effort or call 313-434-2761