Operation Haircut protest to take place on State Capitol lawn in Lansing May 20

"This is about our governor overreaching, it feels tyrannical what we are living under, here in Michigan right now," said Meshawn Maddock. 

Maddock of the Michigan Conservative Coalition expressed her frustration with the governor's extended stay at home order.

The group, which first helped organize Operation Gridlock where hundreds of people caused traffic jams near the Capitol chanting "Open up Michigan" is now organizing Operation Haircut.

"To show people we are not unintelligent - the workers and the business owners of Michigan - we all know how to behave in this new world," Maddock said. "There is no reason why barbers and stylists can't safely cut hair."

The idea was inspired by what happened to Owosso barber Carl Manske who continued to cut hair despite the order. The state has since stripped him of his license.

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"The fact that a 77-year-old barber became a leader in our state (as) the first person brave enough to risk his license, to stand up to our governor," she said. "We are proud of him and we were impressed by him. And immediately other hair stylists and barbers reached out to us and said what can I do?"

Maddock says Operation Haircut is set for May 20th. Dozens of barbers and hair stylists plan to cut hair on the Capitol lawn while following safety guidelines.

"We envision hair stylists and barbers showing up with capes, hand sanitizers with things to sanitize their scissors and clippers - just like they do in their business anyway," Maddock said.

But Governor Gretchen Whitmer has said protests like this only causes the spread of the virus and will prolong the Stay at Home order - the same order the conservative group is fighting.

"I will not stop working around the clock to protect every single person in this state," Whitmer said. "No matter who you are, where you come from, or political party you subscribe to."

"No one is saying coronavirus hasn't hurt everyone in some way or touched someone in some way," Maddock said. "But you know what, mentally people are a wreck right now. Financially Michiganders are devastated right now with numbers what they are right now, we need to get back to work."

We are also told there will be dog groomers there and a masseuse - all on the Capitol lawn.