Over-the-counter drugs that affect your heart health

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Some common medications or supplements in your medicine cabinet could be doing damage to your heart and you don't even know it. Cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn joins us to tell us which over-the-counter drugs can affect your heart health.

He suggests giving your doctor the "whole list" of what you're taking.

"It might seem like a simple vitamin, a simple pain killer for a sore knee; maybe you've got heartburn. These can interact in blood pressure patients, hypertension; particularly congestive heart failure patients; you're on a blood thinner. Let them know," he says. "You can run into trouble."

He says the common ones you may take for pain control that you're buying at the local drugstore can be high in salt, and can impact your kidney function.

"Share the list," he says.

You can learn more by watching the interview with Dr. Kahn in the video player above.