Oxford seniors organize prom for their classmates with special needs

A group of seniors at Oxford High School went above and beyond to give some of their peers a night to remember. The students of the mentorship class got together and planned a prom Tuesday night for their classmates with special needs. 

"This is their night to remember. They want this day more than anything," says Jeanne Dicicco, who leads the mentorship class. 

The class came up with the idea and reached out to local businesses. Through donations, they were able to get a venue at Oxford's Lake Point Community Church, delicious food, festive decorations, beautiful flowers and even a swanky limo ride to escort the kids to their prom.

"We stayed after school and we helped all the girls get ready and do all their hair and makeup, and we got here and, we had a photographer donated as well, so we took pictures and had the red carpet set up during the day and now we're here," says Ally Lupu. She is one of many seniors who work closely with the special needs students all year long.  

You could see all their smiling faces from the dance floor. 

"I've formed relationships with a lot of the kids and being here makes me emotional," Lupu adds. "Just seeing them all having fun and smiling and dancing, and being with all their friends and being themselves is so cool."