Paramedics, EMTs sue to keep licenses after woman wrongly pronounced dead

The EMTs and paramedics who were at the scene when a Southfield woman was wrongly pronounced dead, are now suing to keep their licenses. 

Michael Storms, Scott Rickard, Phillip Mulligan, and Jake Kroll are all facing license suspensions after they responded to the home of Timesha Beauchamp last month. Her family called 911 because she was having trouble breathing.

A doctor at a Southfield hospital who was not at the scene pronounced Beauchamp dead after Storms reported by phone that she had been unresponsive for 30 minutes.

Storms is accused of misleading the doctor about Beauchamp's condition.

Beauchamp wasn't taken to a hospital until morticians at Cole Funeral Home in Detroit discovered she was still alive.


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Hearings on the license suspensions are scheduled for later this month. 

Timesha Beauchamp