Parents of teen killed over remark react to suspect's arrest

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Two women are in police custody in connection with the cold-blooded murder of a high school senior. The young victim was gunned down outside a Detroit party store Friday night.

Tips from the public brought police out to the intersection of Telegraph and W. Chicago in Redford, where they found two women in their 20s. One is a person of interest and the other a suspect in the shooting death of the 17-year-old boy over a remark about one of the women's body.

Reginald Rose-Robinson went to a party store at Plymouth and Meyers in Detroit Friday night with four friends.

"If someone would have told me that it  would have been the last time I saw my son, sending him to the store," Taquanda Foster, Robinson's mother, can't help but think.

During that time police say someone made fun a woman before leaving. The woman, according to police, then left the store as a passenger in a car only to later shoot Rose-Robinson as he walked down the street with his friends.

"Those four boys didn't even say anything to that woman," says Latrice Robinson, Reginald's mother. "She just assumed it was because it was a guy that was walking in with them."

It left a family distraught and in shock.

"Why did you kill my son, just why?" Robinson says.

"Even though he was our baby he was our protector," Foster says. "You took away our king, you took him."

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help this family plan a funeral when they should be planning for his future. CLICK HERE to donate.

"We are suffering, we are hurting," says Jaslin Allen, Reginald's sister. "He had prom."

As for the woman responsible, his family says it is too early to think about forgiveness. 

Police arrest 2 woman in connection to fatal shooting of teem for remark 

"I'm going to send her a picture every day that she is in there," Robinson says. "I'm going to write her a letter every day that she is in there. I'm going to make her remember who she killed."

The family feels the appropriate charge in this case is premeditated murder, saying the suspect had to time to decide to commit the crime.

Although the two women are in custody, no one has formally been charged.