Party bus shooting in Ecorse linked to gang violence after 5 injured by gunfire

As gun violence continues to dominate news headlines as the U.S. approaches another summer, Metro Detroit police departments are partnering with each other and the FBI to bolster their efforts.

In Ecorse, an investigation into a party bus shooting in May has escalated into a probe of gang violence in the Southwest Wayne County region.

"There are several gangs that operate in this area - River Rouge and Ecorse - and they have a rivalry," said Deputy Chief Jerry Flowers in Ecorse. "Social media plays a huge part in it too."

The shootout happened in broad daylight when one group of individuals posted on social media they were partying on a bus. Rival gang members saw it on social media and targeted them Flowers said.

Five people were injured.

"Easy access to guns, felons having guns, and the prosecution is not keeping these guys locked up long enough," Flowers said.

To stretch the limits of their manpower, Ecorse police are partnering with the FBI's Violent Crimes Task Force to charge suspects at the federal level. That way, they'll secure longer sentences and much needed resources.

River Rouge police are operating at a similar level.

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"Manpower, surveillance, the federal government backing us on harsher sentencing for these violent offenders," said Deputy Chief Dasumo Mitchell. 

Mitchell grew up in the area. He wants to see safer streets once again. 

"Everyone knew everyone and we had a village. And we've lost that and it's time that we take that village back," he said. "But we can't do this alone. We need citizens' help."