Perry Johnson mulls write-in candidacy for Michigan governor race; considers presidential run

Millionaire Perry Johnson is debating his next political steps after he was removed from the ballot for governor in Michigan.

Johnson said he will discuss plans with his wife Friday evening. That includes potentially filing for write-in candidacy for the governor race or running for President of the United States.

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After being removed from the ballot due to phony names on his nominating petitions, Johnson said a write-in campaign would be an uphill climb, and the chances for success were not very high.

"The probability of winning as a write-in is exceedingly small," he said.

His advisors are trying to convince him that the write-in option won't cost $20 million – only $7 million.

He said he has done statistically analyses to see how much it could cost him. At first he thought it was $18-20 million.

"I guess I can get the cost down to under 7 (million)," Johnson said.

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The write-in would include more tv commercials, five or six mailings with stickers with his name  that voters could place on their ballot, and a series of townhall meetings.