Pink 'Trap House' in Atlanta drawing hundreds

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It is quickly becoming Atlanta’s newest tourist attraction: a pink house along Howell Mill Road with "TRAP" written on it. The home is drawing hundreds of people every day.

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz used the home to host a private listening party for his latest album "Pretty Girls Like Trap Music," which dropped June 16. Since then, the house has become a hot spot.

“I didn’t think there was going to be a line, but everybody is pretty kosher, nice vibes, I mean it’s Atlanta, man,” said visitor and aspiring artist, Tae Fresh.

The house draws aspiring artists, photographers, and folks who just want to snap a picture in front of the house to post on their social media accounts.

 “It's all over social media, everybody is posting pictures here,” said visitor Victoria Johnson.

It is not all smiles for everyone. Surrounding businesses are upset because there really is nowhere to park at the house, leaving visitors to park in the lots owned by the businesses. Most have now placed cones out front and posted “no parking” signs. One business owner complained her customers have left because there is no place for them to park.

Traffic has also been a problem because drivers are slowing down to look at the house while others are stopping to take pictures from their cars.

Atlanta Police said they have received complaints, but are limited in what they can do because it is private property.

A statement from an Atlanta Police Department spokesperson read in part:

“We will continue to monitor traffic in that area in an effort to mitigate any problems.”

Fans of the pink house said, like with any other attraction in a city, traffic will be a problem.

“Probably more and more people coming, this is just the beginning,” said Johnson.

FOX 5’s Nathalie Pozo spoke to Atlanta Councilwoman Felicia Moore who said she has not received any direct complaints, but was going to drive by the house to see it for herself.

A management team staffer for 2 Chainz said the house is rented through July 6, but they may extend the lease because it has been such a hit.