Pit bull forced to run behind men on bikes ready for foster home

A pit bull who was saved by two Good Samaritans in Detroit after being forced to run behind two men on bikes until she collapsed, is recovering nicely and ready for a foster home.

On June 22, Penelope - as she's now known - was forced to run behind two men on bikes until she collapsed. When her body gave out, the two men beat the dog and left her for dead.

A couple of Good Samaritans came to her aid just moments later and saved her life.

Now, her favorite thing to do is give kisses - and show love for everyone she meets.

"She's just happy to get a little scratch on the chin, right?" Veterinarian Michael Hood said.

The Detroit Dog Rescue said that the pit bull mix was found on the city's east side, near Saint Paul and Bellevue. Witnesses said two men on bikes had been pulling and dragged her when her starved, dehydrated body gave out.

"She had what looked like a footprint on her face, like someone had stomped her by her eye," DDR directer Kristen Rinaldi said.

Dog forced to run behind men on bikes to leave critical care

Penelope was too weak to get up when the two good Samaritans picking her up and calling Detroit Dog Rescue.

"Being forced to exercise and to workout to put muscle on her and when she finally gave up, to be beaten...I hate to even say it. It's just hard to even think of her like that," Rinaldi said.

Veterinarian Michael Hood says if those two hadn't gotten to Penelope, she could have died within hours or even minutes.

"She was very critically and injured ill when she first presented. She had severe problems with how her liver was functioning and she was sick enough metabolically that her blood wasn't clotting correctly," Hood said.

In her life, she never received preventative car and doctors say it appears Penelope had been used to breed. She likely gave birth at least 10 times.

"She's had so many puppies that her uterus is literally falling out of her body. she was bleeding and that's why they thought she'd collapsed," Rinaldi said.

Despite the terrible treatment, Penelope did not have to undergo surgery. Now she's healing and after her heartwork treatment is over, she'll be spayed and ready to be adopted in a couple of months.

"We just love her so much. I think everyone has fallen in love with her. Erika: including me!"

For families with kids, have no fear. Despite her treatment, Penelope is nurturing and excellent with children.

For now, she needs a foster home as she gets her heartwork treatment. If you can open up your home, CLICK HERE for more information.