Pitbull that mauled Roseville couple had attacked them 2 weeks earlier

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WEB UPDATE (10:45): The dog has been euthanized. 

A couple are hospitalized with serious injuries after they were attacked by a pit bull, which belongs to their son

This isn't the first time the dog has attacked this couple. They were already recovering from injuries they suffered just two weeks ago.

"Two of my officers who were there have 25 years on the job," said Roseville Police Chief James Berlin. "They said it was the most horrific thing they have ever seen."

At about 9 p.m. Sunday, the parents of a dog's owner were mauled inside the home. That pit bull owner, their son, was not home at the time and police don't know what prompted the attack.

"Upon arrival they found one victim outside the house covered in blood suffering from bites from her arms, face and head," Berlin said. "She said her husband was still inside the home and the dog was attacking him."

It was a coordinated effort to get inside the home because first responders were in fear for their own safety, but once they did get inside they tazed the dog and were able to get the man out.

"The man is in extremely critical condition at the University of Michigan hospital," Berlin said. "The woman is now in serious condition."

There were two dogs in the home, one responsible for the attack while the other dog was present. Both have been taken into custody by Macomb County Animal Control officers. And their futures are yet to be determined.