Pizza delivery driver is actually a piano playing prodigy

When you order a pizza from, say, Hungry Howie's, you expect your pizza to be there in a respectable time. The driver drops off the pizza and walks away. At least, that's usually what happens.

A Shelby Township pizza delivery is not your usual driver. When he noticed a piano sitting at a home in Shelby Township, he asked if he could play. He put on a show.

Julie Varchetti's husband captured the amazing piano playing pizza delivery driver's skills, and she posted the video on Facebook and it's spectacular! 

Julie told FOX 2 that the "poor piano has never had anything but Mary had a Little Lamb and Three Blind Mice played on it."

She said the driver's name is Bryce and he's self-taught as he plays part of Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata.'

Bryce told us he hasn't really been taking lessons anymore. He's headed to Macomb Community College soon on a baseball scholarship, but seems interested in getting reacquainted with his first love. 

"It was kind of a big wake up call right here for me to get back into music," he told us. He hasn't picked his major yet, but thanks to the overwhelming response he says he's interested in a career in music.

"Hubby ordered Hungry Howies tonight. (Which we never do because I’m obsessed with Jets, but I wasn’t home) for the kiddos and the delivery guy noticed our piano. He kindly asked if he could play for a sec and this is the treat they got!!!! Figures I wasn’t home. 😱😯😲😮😳 Says he’s self taught. His name is “Bryce”. What talent! What is he playing??? 

You know what? We could write a whole lot more. But we think you should watch it instead: