Plane that crashed was carrying banner for Detroit fireworks show

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A small plane that had been trailing a banner over crowds gathered for a fireworks display crash-landed in a Detroit residential street, injuring the pilot and a bystander who was electrocuted by a power line that the aircraft brought down, authorities said.

Early reports by police suggested the plane had to land Monday night because it was running out of fuel. The pilot reported engine failure, Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Tony Molinaro said Tuesday, and he anticipated it would take a few weeks to investigate the crash.

A power line that came down in the landing and fell on a bystander's car. She was injured when she tried to get out and is in serious condition, said Detroit Police Chief James Craig said.

The pilot suffered minor abrasions and was able to climb out of the plane.

Multiple power lines are down at the scene, with some wrapped around the plane, according to SkyFOX's pilot. Police blocked off the area for the crash investigation Monday night.

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The Cessna plane is from Ohio, owned by Air America Aerial Ads. It had been flying over the Detroit River pulling a banner tail ad.

The Ford Fireworks was produced by The Parade Co. and included thousands of pyrotechnic effects visible for miles along the Detroit River between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario. It's the event's 58th year. Dearborn-based Ford Motor Co. has been the title sponsor since 2013.

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