Plum Market vitamin theft leads police to $23K worth of items stolen in crime spree

A video of thieves quickly filling their clothing with vitamins at Bloomfield Township's Plum Market led police to $23,000 worth of items stolen from numerous stores.  

Four women cleared the shelves of the store last week, taking about $7,000 worth of supplements. When Auburn Hills police caught three of the women after spotting their vehicle, investigators learned that Plum Market wasn't the only store they hit.

Police said the crew had stolen from multiple big-box stores, including Ulta and TJ Maxx, and their vehicle has been spotted in other states.

"What we see are what we call Romanian organized criminals," said Bloomfield Township police officer Nick Soley. "Ohio, Maryland, Arizona – they’ve been all over the country, at least this vehicle has."

Soley said the women were wearing dresses with hidden pockets that they stuffed full of items. When they were caught, police found thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods, including perfume, makeup, clothes, and medicine. 

"We know there's probably a resale somewhere on it, but where exactly it goes and how they resell it – that's a piece of the puzzle we haven't quite figured out," Soley said. 

The three women who were arrested were turned over to immigration.

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