Police: Gas station shooting possibly Craigslist deal gone wrong

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Gunshots erupt at a Dearborn gas station this afternoon, wounding one man. After that, the story gets a bit confusing.

A police source said investigators believe it may be a Craigslist deal gone bad and not a carjacking as police originally thought.

Investigators are still working through the details of because both sides claim they are the victims.

 Afternoon chaos broke out at the Speedway gas station at Outer Drive and Grindley Park.

Able Abdulla and his son happened to be walking up to the gas station just as two men from Lincoln Park confronted a man sitting in his car at the pump.

"They reached half-way into the car, I saw someone get socked in the jaw," he said. "The next thing you know I saw a hand come out, it looked like a .32, and pop, pop, pop."

The man sitting in the tan Chevrolet Malibu pulled out his gun and fired at the two men. One man took off running; the other guy was hit twice, once in the rear and in the back of the leg. He collapsed in the street.

"It was just shocking, I just couldn't believe it," said witness Chris Johnson. "I'm still in shock."

Johnson recorded viewer video on his phone, capturing the aftermath of the wounded man who police believe tried to rob the man in his car. He was later claiming he was the victim.

He told witnesses and first responders that he was the one robbed earlier that day at Ford Field.

"(He said) I followed the dude who robbed me all the way to Ford Field to the Speedway when I got here I confronted him," Johnson said.  "When I confronted him he said I do have your money, I'm about give it to you right now.  He went to go into his pocket; he actually grabbed a gun and fired a shot."

Police with quite a job on their hands, trying to sort through the different versions of events.

Sources tell FOX 2 this might be a Craigslist deal gone bad involving two men from Lincoln Park, and the man at the gas station who also happens to be a CPL holder and lives around the corner.

His wife avoided our camera, declining a request for comment. Right now police are questioning her husband and the man who was taken to the hospital.

They are still looking for another man who took off before police arrived.

"We never have problems like that, it is a good community," Johnson said. "We all get along, but to hear gunshots it was shocking."

Security video was released to police to continue the investigation.