Police: Mentally ill man causes 6-car crash, strips naked before arrest

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A wild scene after a multi-car crash when one driver strips naked and dances in the street.

The bizarre sight's aftermath was caught on camera by another driver's cell phone.
"Weird. Wild. Crazy," said Mitch Ratcliff. "Not every day you see a guy naked dancing in the street with the cops."

It was far from an ordinary Tuesday night for Ratcliff of Westland, who recorded it on his cell phone.

"I'm like its January 92nd, it's a little cold out here to be naked."

Ratcliff says after dropping a friend off, he began driving home, but heard sirens a couple of blocks away. That's when he pulled over near Warren and Wayne roads in Westland.

"I saw a lot of people laying around, seemed to be hurt," he said. "So I went and started checking if anyone needed help," he said.

Westland police were at the scene where a truck flipped over, as debris from six cars lay scattered around.

"One lady was definitely hurt, she was still stuck in her car pinned," Ratcliff said. "Before I left the firefighters were out there with the Jaws of life to get her out of the car" Ratcliff said.

Police say Wednesday the apparent cause of the six-car crash was the man driving a truck.

"He actually kicked his back window out, got out of the car and stripped naked," Ratcliff said.

Not really believing what he was seeing, Ratcliff hit record on his phone.

"There's this big, naked dude dancing and wiggling with the cop," he said. "He was acting a fool, the officer was trying to grab him and he was just moving around, ducking and dodging until they finally got his arms behind his back and they actually handcuffed him and he started to comply."

That naked man, police say, appears to be suffering from some sort of mental illness. He and the woman were taken to the hospital.

"Regardless - mentally ill or not, there are still actions you need to be accountable for," Ratcliff said. "You were definitely in the wrong there and you hurt a lot of people. It could have been worse."