Police: 'No words exchanged' by gunman before killing of Hutch's Jewelry owner in Oak Park

Prominent jeweler Daniel "Hutch" Hutchinson was shot multiple times Wednesday afternoon after he left the pawn shop he owned on Greenfield and Miller. His wife was in the vehicle, but amazingly she wasn’t hurt.  

"He had a lot of customers that loved him," said Lt. Marlon Benson, Oak Park police. "As we know, he was a husband and a father and our hearts go out to his immediate family. We want to bring them closure in this case.

"This was not a random event, it was targeted - as far as reasons, we don’t know why he was targeted but we don't think this was a (random) event."

Benson said police, which have made an arrest, are not looking into any other suspects at this time.

"The person we have in custody, we believe is the shooter."

Evidence that points to the shooting not being random: "The number of shots and there was no words exchanged," said Benson. "Nothing in the investigation says that these people knew each other might a had a bad beef with each other."

Hutchinson also owned Hutch’s Jewelry, not far from where he was gunned down, doing business with some of Detroit’s most prominent music artists. He provided custom jewelry, necklaces, pendants, and Cartier glasses.  

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"My brother worked for him," said Marcus Brown. "My brother gave me a call and was like, 'Something happened out here (with) Hutch.' I ran up here just to see. He was a good guy, that's all I can really (say) about him. I don’t understand this."

Police now working on motives - why would someone come up to his vehicle and open fire.

Rumors are swirling after the 47-year-old's death. Police say right now many of them are unsubstantiated but are not able to share much about the alleged male shooter.