Police officers, detectives and forensic scientists testify on day 10 of murder trial for Samantha Woll

As the murder trial of Michael Jackson-Bolanos stretched into day 10, testimony from several police officers, homicide detectives and forensic scientists took place June 27. 

Jackson-Bolanos is accused of killing community activist Samantha Woll last October. Though there were concerns it was a hate crime, authorities say it happened during an alleged robbery.

Investigators have used cell phone data and camera footage to place Jackson-Bolanos at the scene. A map shows where his phone pinged at the time prosecutors believe Woll was killed. Those pings put him near Woll's apartment on Joliet Place.

Ellen Czajka from the Detroit Police Department and Beatrice Terrell from the Michigan State Police both testified about knives, tools and other items found in Jackson-Bolanos’ apartment.

Toni Grusser, a scientist with MSP, testified to blood splatter that was found on Jackson-Bolanos’ clothes and backpack.
His attorney then tried to argue that the actual killer would have had more than a couple small droplets of blood on them. The two stains in question were about .5 centimeters by 2 millimeters and 1-2 millimeters wide. 

The trial is expected to last another couple weeks.