Police: Officers shoot armed man twice outside Roseville Home Depot

Police shot and wounded an armed suspect who fired shots outside a Roseville Home Depot Monday.

 A 22-year-old man was wounded twice, was arrested and is hospitalized in stable condition while no customers or employees were injured in the incident. 

According to Roseville police an altercation at the second floor of the Baymont Motel on 13 Mile led to an initial call, but police did not find anyone there.

A few minutes later another reported a man waving a gun around inside the Home Depot on 13 Mile and Little Mack. Officers arrived at the location, the suspect was identified by witnesses standing outside near the main exit doors of the store.

As a Roseville officer attempted to make contact, the individual raised a handgun, two officers responded by discharging their firearms.

The individual attempted to flee on foot, and an officer tackled the subject. The officer called for medical assistance and provided first aid.

"It was just chaos, you heard people screaming and running inside and you heard some gunshots," said Aimee Tiemann, a witness. "It was absolutely terrifying."

Aimee Tiemann recorded the incident inside the store. 

"You know where you walk in and see the hotdog vendor at Home Depot, he shot in there. You can see the bullet hole where it hit the cooler," she said. "The beautiful poor woman was standing there when it happened."

The suspect is in custody at the hospital, charges are pending.