Police: Other drivers need to obey laws during chases, too

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It was a dangerous police pursuit in White Lake as a driver whipped through traffic on westbound M-59. But it wasn't just that driver making the chase dangerous - police are asking other drivers on the road to obey the law as well.

"Our first choice is really not to pursue, however in this case we didn't know who we were pursuing and the vehicle appeared to be stolen," said Chief Adam Kline with White Lake police.

It started with a routine traffic stop of 37-year-old Mercedes Morris. At first she gave police a fake name.

She had warrant for not showing up to court and a suspended license, so police say she took off. Right away it was clear the lengths she would go to get away.

"You can see the driver is quite erratic, goes through one red and then another one," said Kline, while walking us through the dash cam video. You can see the video in FOX 2's Dave Spencer's report in the video player above.

Adding to the danger were a few unforeseen obstacles -- drivers not pulling out of the way as the pursuit continued down the center lane.

"It's all based on safety," Kline said. "Get out the way; get to right. The objective of the chase is to apprehend without any injury, without any accident."

This particular chase ended after two miles at the corner of M-59 and Ridge Road. Morris lost control and crashed into a utility pole, which cracked and fell to the ground.

Dash cam video reveals she asked for help when police neared the vehicle to apprehend her. She went to the hospital to be evaluated, then to jail.

She was charged with a five year felony for fleeing and evading.