Police: Pair arrested after jewelry stolen from Warren home found at Detroit pawn shop

Two people are facing charges after they allegedly broke into a Warren home, stole jewelry, and pawned it in Detroit.

Trevor Louis Shanks, 31, and Julie Ann Charbeneau, 31, are accused of kicking in the door of a house in the 29000 block of Flanders on Friday. Police said a bedroom was ransacked and sentimental jewelry that belonged to the homeowner's late husband and mother was stolen.

Police said surveillance footage from inside the house showed the theft, and a neighbor's camera also captured footage. A palm print was taken from a window that matched Skanks hand, police said.

Some of the jewelry was found at a Detroit pawn shop Monday after it was pawned for $2,200, police said. 

The woman whose jewelry was stolen, Marilyn Maceri, said it meant a lot to her, and she was thankful to be getting it back.

"I'm hurt because these pieces meant so much to me," she said. "They're my life."

The Warren Special Investigations Division was able to locate Shanks and Charbeneau in Detroit. They were arrested without incident. Police also found clothing matching the clothes worn in video of the home invasion, crack cocaine, and stolen jewelry when searching Shanks' motel.

Trevor Shanks and Julie Charbeneau

Shanks is charged with second-degree home invasion, receiving and concealing stolen property, conspiracy to commit receiving and concealing stolen property, and, two counts of possession of cocaine.

Charbeneau is charged with receiving and concealing stolen property, conspiracy to commit receiving and concealing stolen property, and possession of cocaine.

Based on the surveillance video, clothing, the suspect vehicle, and the palm print from the Warren home, authorities believe Shanks may be involved in strong-arm robberies in Eastpointe, Dearborn, Taylor, and Melvindale. The information was forwarded to those police departments for further investigation and possible additional charges.