Police search for man who shot at DDOT bus driver

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There have been brawls - even stabbings onboard DDOT buses. Now you can add a shooting. Police are hoping surveillance video will help them find the man who pulled the trigger.

The camera aboard a DDOT bus was rolling when DeWilliam Pugh allegedly opened fire on the driver.

It happened Sunday night on Harper and Whittier on Detroit's east side.

Police say Pugh's girlfriend flagged down the driver and got on the Harper coach line to get away from her boyfriend, but he followed her.

The driver urged Pugh to leave and is seen shoving the man when he refused to budge.

“I could see him, based on probably what he felt his duty as a man was to protect the young lady - especially if she approached him or screamed for help.”

We showed the video to Rudy Markoe, a retired DDOT bus driver. He says, while shootings are rare, violence on buses and against drivers are anything but.

“Well I remember years ago a driver had acid thrown in his face.”

“There was a driver who had a gun pulled on him. Had the gun not misfired we would've gone to his funeral because they put the gun right to his head.”

Thankfully no one was hurt in this latest incident.

DeWilliam Pugh is six feet tall and weighs about 160 lbs.

There's a warrant out for his arrest and police need your help to get this guy off the street and on a ride to jail.

If you see him, don't approach him. Police say he's armed and dangerous, so call 911.