Police to provide update in death of woman found in middle of Southfield road 3 months ago

More than three months after a woman was found severely injured in the middle of a Southfield road, a suspect has been charged.

Police are expected to provide an update Thursday morning. 

Mia Kanu died a few days after she was found in Providence Drive with severe head trauma in early June.

Surveillance video showed the incident, and it was initially believed Kanu either fell or was pushed. Now, the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office says she jumped. The driver, Kentia Monique Fearn, is being charged for not stopping.

Fearn, 23, of Wayne, was arraigned Wednesday on charges of leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death and operating while intoxicated.

Kanu’s mother believes this arraignment gets the family one step closer to justice.

"I think them apprehending her, I think possibly more facts will come out," said Bianca VanMeter. "We really just want justice for Mia."