Police: Uninvited father of the bride opened fire at wedding reception in Dearborn

New details have emerged about the gunshots that rang out at a wedding reception at Dearborn Manor on the city's east side last Friday.

Despite the chaos that unfolded in a phone video shared on social media, there were no injuries. The suspected gunman is the father of the bride.

"You guys, someone is shooting, someone is shooting inside," yells the man filming the video.

As reception guests scrambled to safety, children could be seen clinging to their parents' sides and the elderly falling to the ground.

The pop of champagne turned to the pop of gunfire.

"A lot of people crying, a lot of people you know, it’s shooting! it’s not a joke," said Abbas Aboukhodr.

Abbas Aboukhodr was leading a pro-Palestinian protest nearby, when shots rang out last Friday evening.

Dozens rushed from the protest to Dearborn Manor and was concerned that the shooting had something to do with the current climate in the Middle East.

"Lot of people, you know, they (want) to see if they’re family is fine," Aboukhodr said. "Because, someone called me and said ‘My daughter is inside, please come.'"

As it turns out sources say that 60-year-old father of the bride, Haider Al-Jebori was unhappy that he wasn’t invited to the wedding, and that his daughter was marrying a man with a different background.

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Witnesses say that Al-Jebori fired multiple shots in the air, then the groom’s dad actually stepped in to try and get the gun. It was pointed at him – Al-Jebori, went to fire the weapon again at the groom’s dad, but something happened, and it didn’t work.

Dearborn police got there quick and took Al-Jebori into custody.

"Nobody got hurt. that’s most important," said Aboukhodr.

Al-Jebori is now charged with eight felonies including assault with intent to murder and given a hefty $500,000 cash bond.

Haider Al-Jebori

Haider Al-Jebori