Police use pepper spray during fight at Detroit's Central Collegiate Academy

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A chaotic scene erupted Tuesday at Detroit's Central Collegiate Academy when a fight broke out and spiraled out of control. It started when the school was evacuated because of a fake fire alarm. But it's when the students were going back into the building that things escalated.

The fire alarm at Central high school on Detroit's west side went off around 1:30 Tuesday afternoon. Students went outside but they say bottles and rocks were being thrown at them. When they turned around to go back inside, Principal David Oclander said police were on the scene quick.

"After the students started to move back inside the building, there was an incident involving some of the students and police moved very quickly to restore order as best they could," Oclander said.

According to high school students there, it was quite a brawl between going out and going back in. One student said he was trying to break up a fight when he was mased by police and then fought with another student. Oclander said the students involved were removed and the devices were used because those actions were necessary. 

"The students who were involved in the situation were removed from teh building by police because they were involved in the incident or in order to insure they received any medical attention necessary because there was some crowd control devices used," Oclander said.

The school has 350 students and if they're caught fighting in the school, they could be kicked out. Myron Cooper is a father of a student at the school and says they haven't seen many problems this year.

"Not sure what happened. (No fights) that I know of, not really," Cooper said.

There are reports of injuries but nothing serious. The school is investigating.