Police video shows tirade by Detroit preacher during arrest

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Video has been released of activist and pastor David Bullock being arrested by Highland Park police.

Bullock blames his June 24 arrest on racism but police said it was for interfering with an investigation.

On the video Bullock is wearing handcuffs in the back of a police car during the arrest.

"I'm in handcuffs or you want me to cooperate," said Bullock on video. "You'll need to open this door that's what you need to do.

"You all the scariest (n-words) I've ever seen in my life. If he don't (expletive) let me out F might there's gonna be a problem."

Body camera footage shows the interaction between the officer and Bullock before his arrest.

Officer: "Will you stop? I am trying to talk to them and see what happened and get this figured out."

Bullock: "Are you getting ready to hit me or something?"

Officer: "Yeah I'm getting ready to hit you."

Bullock: "You're really aggressive."

Officer: "I'm pointing."

Bullock: (laughs).

Officer: "I need you to step back. (starts pushing Bullock away). If you don't like it and keep resisting, you are going to go to jail. I need you to stay on this side of the street. You are not welcome over there while I am doing my investigation."

A little later, Bullock is cuffed.

"Tell him Rev. Bullock is in the back of a Highland Park police officer cop car for nothing," he said.

Woman's voice: "He said he might let you go."

Bullock: "Ain't no (expletive) way."

Now Bullock would say at the time he was trying to assist the officer, and help out an out of state woman who Bullock says, was assaulted by a woman with mental illness.  

Bullock: "I asked him why was he taking the number of a woman from Virginia, what was the point of that."

But then it turns ugly. 

Bullock: "This is called racism, you going to let this cracker do this (expletive) really?"

Deacon Robert Weaver works with Bullock.

FOX 2: "It seems like his language was a little so-so?"

"I think he's trying to uplift God's kingdom and he's doing the best he can," Weaver said.

On video Bullock yells "You need to be taking some pictures. You need some video. While you're praying, take some video, call the mayor, call the news." 

FOX 2 didn't call the mayor or the news but did call Rev. Bullock, who didn't call back. Bullock is charged with a misdemeanor if he's convicted he'll spend up to 93 days in jail. 

Bullock will be back in court for a pre-trial on August 15th.