Pollster: Trump's planned visit with striking UAW workers could hurt Democrats' grip in Michigan

Former President Donald Trump is coming to Michigan for an event with striking UAW workers on Sept. 27.

One of the state's political pollsters says that it is a move that will keep Democrats up at night - with big political implications.

Tim Skubick: "Is he trying to exploit the auto strike?"

"Of course he is," said Bernie Porn. "He tends to try to exploit everything that he can.

He will not have to worry about getting an audience as 46 percent of all union members, including those from the UAW, are supporting Trump in Michigan.

And if you are President Joe Biden, Porn says he should be concerned, because when he was elected last time - it was with union support.

And now with that at risk, he could lose the election, if UAW workers don't vote Democrat.

"That is, I think, entirely possible," Porn said.

Part of Trump's UAW backing relates to his opposition to the president's push for more electric vehicles, which he says will cost UAW members their jobs.

The Biden administration is pushing hard to create more UAW jobs by building EV batteries in Michigan and elsewhere in the US.

Current assembly line jobs could be lost in the meantime while the EV sector's new jobs could be created long-term.

"That is, I believe, a problem," he said. "That's why he needs to come up with some messaging that talks about transitioning, and getting the cooperation of the Big Three in doing that."

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Meanwhile, UAW President Shawn Fain fired off a news release calling Trump a millionaire "who doesn't have any understanding what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck."

And there's another challenge - assuming these strikers get higher wages for those who make EV batteries domestically, that will increase the cost of those vehicles - compared to the lower sticker price on the Tesla EVs produced by non-union workers.

"Yep. these are all concerns that have to be worked out," Porn said.

And if they are not, the Democrats could be in trouble election day next year.