Pontiac's plan to build a 10,000 square-foot skate park

For people in Pontiac, the old tennis court has served as a makeshift skatepark for some time. Grass is growing through the cracks and some of the nets are still up. It's not exactly an ideal situation for people on wheels.

In steps David Renny and the Pontiac Sk8 Park Project with plans to get something much bigger and better.

"It would be a real functioning concrete park similar to what a lot of other communities already have established but just for the kids here to have something comparable," Renny said.

He's one of the volunteers with the project that was recently awarded a $250,000 grant, depending on the project being able to raise $50,000 on its own before November.

"It takes a community effort so we need the community to be excited. We need artists to be excited. We need sponsors to be excited so we're here. We just need the support," he said.

Starting on June 21st, artist-designed skateboard decks will be presented in the windows of local businesses throughout downtown Pontiac. These decks will be a part of a silent auction in order to raise the $50,000. An interactive art exhibit, skating area, and merchandise will accompany the auction.

Not only that, they're partnering with Main Street Pontiac's, Pontiac Phoenix Races STEAM program. This program typically is a chance for Pontiac students to build, decorate, and race derby cars. However, COVID-19 has prevented that from happening.

Instead, the STEAM program joined forces with Skatepark Project. They'll be trading in derby cars for teaching kids how to build their own skateboards.

Additionally, the PAL will provide skating lessons to 40 kids in Pontiac that want to participate on August 13th at 29 W. Lawrence St. in Downtown Pontiac.

To get involved or donate, go to pontiacskateparkpr.wixsite.com/skate/donate