Post-bankruptcy all Detroit city parks getting makeovers

City of Detroit parks are getting some much needed improvements

As a result of the city getting out of bankruptcy, parks are getting a facelift.

One example is Tuttle Park, where mom Precious Thomas brough her child on Monday.

"It's very nice out here, they have a walkway where you can walk your dog, walk your daughter," said mom Precious Thomas.

But there was a time when Thomas refused to go. 

"It wasn't nice, it was trashy," she said. 

As the city of Detroit struggled financially, services like cutting grass were limited and few improvements were made to parks. 

"During that time of financial difficulty we probably were able to do one or two (parks) which was not being impactful to community," said Alicia Bradford, the parks and recreation department director.

But enter post bankruptcy and you can see the before and after. City officials say Tuttle park is just one example of the resuscitation of the city's 307 parks.

"We installed a walking path, a playground, picnic amenities," Bradford said.

Keeping the parks nice for everyone and despite the city's efforts - it takes everyone to keep it clean. 

FOX 2 spotted a mess left behind at Pingree Park.

City officials say if you plan to have an event at a city park contact them first.