Pregnant woman and her children run off the road in Southfield

Some scary moments for a family in Southfield.

The mom is eight months pregnant and was on the way to the doctor for a prenatal visit when she and her family were run off the road.

Erick Traylor says his pregnant wife was behind the wheel and their two children were inside the car.  He says another driver ran them off the road on Eight Mile near Berg in Southfield early Monday afternoon.

Traylor says they narrowly missed another car avoiding that reckless driver. Their car jumped a curb and crashed next to a building.

"He came flying and was swerving because he almost hit another guy at the light before, Traylor said. “When he swerved into us, he jumped two lanes and my wife swerved so he wouldn't hit us."

Traylor says they narrowly missed being hit by the reckless driver. The family's station wagon crashed next to a building.

Their two children including are okay, but Traylor says his wife, who is eight months pregnant, is not.

"She says her back is hurting and her leg is hurting," he said. "She hit her head against the window."

Traylor said the driver who ran the family off the road did not stop after they nearly crashed into a building.