Prepare, don't panic for coronavirus. Also, wash your hands

Don't panic, but be prepared.

That's the advice right now when it comes to the coronavirus COVID-19. But what does that advice really mean? Dr. Odaliz Abreu - Lanfranco, an infectious disease doctor at Henry Ford Hospital, has some advice.  

If you're running low on hand sanitizer, that's something you probably want to get your hands on. Literally. 

If you shake hands with someone, it's not a bad idea to use some hand sanitizer after. Or better yet, greet with a wave or an elbow bump.

Another thing Dr. Abreu-Lanfranco advises is to stock up on and prioritize your medication. He suggests making sure you have enough to last a month. 

"You never know if your pharmacy is going to be open by the time you actually need to get your refills and down the line, it might be that some of the manufacturing of the medications might be also reduced so you want to make sure you have enough medications on hand," he says. 

The U.S. surgeon general is telling healthy people to stop buying masks. The problem is when medical facilities don't have enough masks then the risk of spreading illness from sick people goes up. 

Here's a simple guide as to who needs a mask: 1) if you're sick, or 2) if you're caring for someone who's sick. 

So worry less about the mask and more about handwashing. And after you wash those hands, keep them to yourself. No matter where you are. 

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