Presidential candidate Ben Carson visits Michigan

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Republican Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson was in Michigan Wednesday. But his stop in Jackson County came amid controversy from Carson's own camp.

"I'm delighted to be back home in Michigan," Carson said to the crowd. "It's always good to be here."

Carson has good reason to be happy at home according to an exclusive FOX 2 Mitchell Poll, Michigan voters have Carson with 21 percent of the vote second only behind front-runner Donald Trump with 26 percent among Republican candidates.

For some voters, his visit to Spring Arbor was a chance to see the brain surgeon turned politician outside the forum of a debate.

He talking about a poor upbringing in Detroit and how being raised by a single mom works to his benefit.

"If my mom was Secretary of Treasury we would not be in a deficit," Carson quipped.

His family values were further on display when his wife accompanied him on stage.

"I'm Candi Carson and I approve this message," she said.

Carson recently made headlines when he said he would not support a Muslim for president. According to him their faith would be in conflict with the Constitution.

His specific views on Muslims were left out of his campaign speech but not the message behind the statement.

"I have no interest in giving away my principles for political correctness," he said.

Just before the event however. the doctor took to Facebook and typed this post.

"I will not back down," going on to say he wants to raise $100,000 today to silence the "p.c. police."

His 40-minute speech focused on his Christian faith, his support for freedom of religion then assigned "homework" to the audience, telling them to learn everything they can about our nation's debt.

The Michigan Democratic Party responded to Carson's visit by issuing a statement:

"Ben Carson's policies would do a lot to hurt Michigan families. Michigan doesn't need any more extremism, we need candidates focused on jobs and strengthening the middle class.